Refunds will be processed as soon as returned items have been checked and accepted, and will be completed approximately within 8-10 business days. Refunds will be remitted to the bank account prescribed by the customer.


In case you choose to return your order, you will be burdened with the shipping cost.

In case your order is returning from outside the EU, you will be additionally burdened with any other fees, duties and taxes imposed by customs authorities. We don’t do exchanges. The process of changing a piece implies a process that hinders our main goal: to take care of the planet. Together we can reduce the environmental impact caused by unnecessary extra shipping. Using more paper and re-using transport to send the new package takes us away from being as sustainable as we would like.


If for any reason you are not satisfied with a purchase and you wish to return one or more items of your order, you simply have to email us at:

You will then need to ship a copy of the receipt and the item to the following address mentioned on the envelope which is enclosed in the original package.